Lamborghini URUS

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Descrizione Veicolo

This large SUV features sharp lines and an aggressive appearance, reminiscent of Italian coupés. These characteristics are justified by the exhilarating performance of the URUS not only on the asphalt (with 666 horsepower and rear-wheel steering enhancing agility), but also off-road. The all-wheel drive system, S air suspension (which can vary the car's ground clearance), and specific off-road driving programs allow for off-road exploration. While the mechanics of the URUS are shared with other Volkswagen group models (of which Lamborghini is a part), such as the Audi Q7 and Porsche Cayenne, the tuning is unique to this model. The URUS boasts a modern and luxurious interior (with numerous customization options), spacious enough to seat four or five people. The trunk is also quite large and easily accessible through the tailgate. As a point of interest, it's worth noting that the URUS is the first Lamborghini series production car equipped with a turbocharged engine (a twin-turbo V8), and is not the brand's first off-road vehicle: that title goes to the LM002, which was released in 1986.