Alfa Romeo Stelvio

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Descrizione Veicolo

The ALFA ROMEO STELVIO is the Biscione marque's first suv. Beneath the racy but 'clean' lines, characterised by an all-Italian elegance, is the refined mechanics of the Giulia saloon (but the Stelvio is seven cm further from the ground). We're talking about a specially developed floorpan, double wishbone front suspension and multi-arm rear suspension, as well as weight distribution equally distributed between the two axles, to make the most of tyre grip and achieve balanced and effective cornering behaviour. In the 160 bhp 2.2 diesel (i.e. the less powerful Stelvio) the drive wheels are only the rear ones, while in the others the traction is all-wheel drive: in normal driving the power goes to the rear axle, but in the event of tyre slippage, when cornering or during strong acceleration, up to 50% of the horsepower can be sent (via an electromechanically controlled clutch) to the front. Indeed, the behaviour on slippery surfaces is good, but where this SUV stands out is in its brilliant driving. The direct and precise steering, the great quickness in changes of trajectory and the excellent road holding guarantee safe and satisfying behaviour. The gearbox (automatic only, and very fast) and the engines (very responsive and vigorous) are also up to the mark. So much sportiness does not affect the practicality of the ALFA ROMEO STELVIO: the passenger compartment is spacious, while the boot is roomy, easily accessible (with the electric tailgate) and practical (the sofa is in three reclining parts).